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Romantic Weekend

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Nothing works better for woman than a little of romanticism joined with the element of suprise. Even when she doesn't admit to her romantic nature, she secretly dream of the moment when partner surprises her in the day of engagement, in the anniversary of wedding or in relation with different, important date for their relationship. The best way for spending such wonderful evening together will be a romantic dinner with candles in a luxury restaurant combined with staying in a room covered with roses petals.

romantyczny weekendOur offer "Romantic Weekend” is a tip for loving couples who want to spend together romantic whiles. Room and Table in Restaurant Room decorated specially for a date for two, music for order and special menu are nothing exceptional in restaurants. Each reservation of such table is individual and we can expect that our every single idea will be fullfilled. If you can't imagine nothing romantic we can surely advise you what to choose that it would be fantastic. Special offers for engagement let us arrange every kind of this meeting. A ring in a cake may be reserved for a romantic comedy but beautiful setting of such engagement's evening is an excpected while for every woman for sure.